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How can I bypass land with the port and starboard tacks shown on The Sailing GPS?



1. If you get a tack that has an obstruction because it is off a channel or crosses an island etc., one simple strategy is to consider doing the second tack and then the first. It doesn't matter what order you do them in; the arrival time is still the same.

2. Another approach would be to set a closer waypoint before land.

3. A third approach is to do lots of small tacks on the given headings instead of two large ones. Other than a few seconds coming around each time, that also does not affect your overall Tacking Time to Destination (TTD). Some people prefer to do lots of small tacks, since it keeps you close to the rhumb line in case the wind shifts.

Is there an Owner's Manual for the Bluetooth version of the SailTimer Wind Vane? Yes, the Owner's Manual for the SailTimer Wind Vane is available here.  This special version of the Owner's Manual includes the Bluetooth version of the Wind Vane that can be used with The Sailing GPS. 
What about velcro mounting?
The Sailing GPS does come in a waterproof DryPak bag with tie-down loops. But as in the picture above, if you have a dry cockpit, it is possible to mount The Sailing GPS flat on a bulkhead using adhesive velcro strips.  This could also work at the helm if there is space beside other instrument displays. 

How do I enter numerical race coordinates for waypoints?

Go to and sign in. Click on My Places, and Create Map. Give the map a name, like "Today's Race". Then in the search box at the top, enter the numerical latitude and longitude coordinate for the first waypoint. It will then be displayed on the map. The message box pointing to it will include a choice called Save to Map.   When you click it, you'll see Today's Race listed as one of the maps you can save that flag to. Using the same procedure, add all of the waypoints to the same map Today's Race.

If you click on any of the waypoints while you have Today's Race open, you can also change the name from the lat/long coordinates to a more meaningful name.

Then close the Google Maps window, and open a new one. Click on My Places. Today's Race should be listed there. Select it with one click. Then click on the KML link below the name. That will save the KML file to your computer, which you can enter in the Helper program, to transmit wirelessly to The Sailing GPS.



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