Fast, simple operation.  Just enter Wind Direction and Bearing to get your Optimal Route displayed.

Daylight-readable.  Water-resistant. Portable and handheld.

Durable:  just drop it in your bag on the way to the boat. No glass screen to worry about.

Comes in a waterproof soft bag with tie-downs.

Double the battery power in the iPhone and Blackberry Storm 2.

Easily viewed with polarized sunglasses, unlike smartphones and tablets.

The first GPS device ever that can learn your boat's unique speed profile on all points of sail, to make customized projections about arrival times. 
(More accurate than generic polar plots from manufacturers or simulations.)

Bluetooth for wireless sharing of GPS data with a PC.  Export polar plots.  Import waypoints.

For sailboats of all sizes, old and new, and everyone from occasional sailors to racers.


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