The Sailing GPS is the latest in a long line of SailTimer products, including The Original SailTimer for Windows, SailTimer for Google Maps, the SailTimer app for iPhone, iPod and iPad -- and the versions we have licensed to navigation software companies including and
Only a very dedicated company would continue to develop and test products for each of these new platforms for the patented SailTimer software.  

We are sailors too. We put just as much craftsmanship into our software and electronics as when building the wooden dinghy above by hand, to take sailing with us.  

You don't want to take any shortcuts when you will be at the mercy of the elements. Everything about The Sailing GPS has been designed from scratch, to be the best possible quality.  We take pride in making something innovative with our own hands, and we stand behind it.  Your success is our success.

Return Policy:  If you are not completely satisfied with The Sailing GPS, just mail back the unit within 30 days in original condition for a full refund. 

Warranty:  SailTimer Inc. warrants that when The Sailing GPS is used for typical recreational purposes, it is free from defects in materials and assembly. If any such defect is found, please return it in original condition within one year from date of purchase for full reimbursement or replacement.

Because users can unscrew the case, we cannot guarantee it against water damage. Moisture will eventually find its way into any device that is exposed to water long enough.  But if you take reasonable care of The Sailing GPS, it will get you to your waypoint right on schedule for years to come. 


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